Apparently the chainsaw bug will still be in after the update

Just checked the the patch notes releasing tomorrow and they didn’t mention the chainsaw stop reloading bug, except we can chainsaw sires


Which is unfortunate because Marcus’ chainsaw got a whole lot better with his improvements


ugh … SERIOUSLY? Come on its been ages now. How can this not be on top of things to fix in this game.


IDK why this bug it’s still in the game, it’s not that hard to fix, but maybe in Op5

I’m still wondering why a bug that’s existed since Gears 4 is still in the game and it’s even worse than this chainsaw bug. Have you ever shot your Gnasher only to switch to a Smoke/Lancer/Snub and get gibbed due to it? I know I have and I know all of my friends have. At first, I thought it was an issue with me clicking the D-Pad and switching weapons. But I quickly dispensed that thought when I made Gnasher my primary and disabled all D-Pad functions and the swap still happened on trigger pull of a Gnasher.

The glitches in this game are mind-bending.


I was surprised at this myself. It’s always been a terrible idea to have it on the same button as the reload. The sooner we get the option to return it to holding in B the better.


Good that you can chainsaw sires,bad news for the friggin chainsaw/reloading ,Not good at all sadly