Apparently i have 0 tier points

This was 2 days ago, i played a ranked game yesterday and the day before and they also said i had 0 tier points.

Not really bothered at this point seems to be multiple glitches every single day on this game, but i haven’t seen this before and it wont change to display my current tier points or ranking position.

Good times :love_you_gesture:

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It’s related to reading stats error your game did not uploaded successfully your stats and game had to show something.

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What about when it shows -600 plus points for 1 round that I lost bust was a close loss by only 2. Then shows -40 something for the round that we lost badly on with a stalemate in between lost rounds. I lost like 750 skill points in 1 match to a team that was favored by more than 10000 points.

Also seen the up and down arrow displayed wrong. It can show the down red arrow when you gain points and the up green arrow when you lose points.

I don’t know how skill points are earned/ lost due to your performance in match. I only noticed that if you are on lower skill level (bronze, silver, and gold) you earn/loose much more points than if you are on higher skill level (onyx, diamond, masters). It would be awesome if TC would do in match result the breakdown of earned/lost points for specific actions.
Also I’ve noticed if you do many headshots in match you gain much more points than if you just kill players without headshots.

From what I can tell play TDM being in the lower tiers when my team loses badly to a team that was only favored by a couple of thousand and I have a really bad game where I die alot I only lose 100 or so points.

If my team comes close to beating a team that was favored by alot and I gave a good game where I am third or better on my team I lose 1000 plus points.

It just doesn’t make any sense and discourages a person from trying to get better at the game. I’m glad it works for those 1000 onyx and above scince their are so many more points at stake for the lower level players.

It should be the other way around and higher ranked players should be losing more points on a loss than silver and bronze players scince all these supposed masters are so good that they can carry a whole team of scrubs to victory against against any 5 randums they come across.

But we get this mess because those same so called masters whined and complained about being stuck in silver because they couldn’t carry a whole team. No wonder people just quit playing this game to play something better.

The most annoying thing is that we don’t know how we earn points, how much skill points you earn for killing enemy, for acquiring objective, how much we loose from death or low kd ratio. System is not persistent so we don’t understand it. That’s why we see so many strange match results.

Same here, stucked in the same situation for a week now