Anything on the PC side being fixed yet?

Constantly crashes every 10mins after loading the game up…

Is there anything being said on this because I can’t play a game that I spent £50 on…

I remember I played your stack on Gears 4 :eyes:

And at the moment,

I guess it will be still work in progress as to what’s causing it.

I think rolling back drivers if you crash to one or two previous helps but so far, I’ve not had any issues so can’t be sure.

Perhaps with Nvidia’s next driver, we could see some information.

I crashed 24/7 on Gears if I was on a driver newer than 382.53. But in Gears 5, I haven’t crashed yet due to driver issues, and hardly at all for any other reason.

What drivers are you on and what’s your rig?

I you have a 10xx card on 436.30 and the crash happens as the game is loading or returning to menu then reverting to 436.15 is successful.

Just not true.

It’s not up to game, TC or NVidia.

It’s up to your computer.

It depends what you think is not true. The posts above seem quite reasonable and arent blaming anyone.

If a PC is crashing then its crashing - that is something true.
It is also true that certain types of crash on 10xx cards with 436.30 are not seen with 436.15.

A poster whose PC is crashing will be concerned and not surprisingly asks for help on a forum. They will already know that for a random crash the problem might be specific to their machine but quite rightly reach out anyway.

Hey @III_EnVii_III which stack was that? Just out of interest lol
And I tried rolling drivers back but that didn’t work. Thanks for the reply.

@mike_yaworski I’ll get my info up in here soon but during the tech test I never crashed once and it was running perfectly but since the release of gears 5 I crashed only twice on day one and after a couple of days it’s been always crashing :confused:

I’ll put my specs up soon but I know they are at minimum specs but my pc is working fine for other games that I never play lol

@grooner Thank you for understanding my situation. I only bought a gaming pc so that I can play alongside my brother who’s on the xbox and I paid alot of money for it just for gears 4 and gears 5 but with gears 4 always crashing I was not expecting this for gears 5 at all and it’s just really upsetting to see this happen and frustrating too.

Your JINN squad - in Esc on 4 :sweat_smile:

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I remember I played your stack in 4. Private match koth I think. You guys got smacked by us. It was truly sad to watch. I felt bad for you

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Didn’t you sit out, it was that bad for us?


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I’ve heard a lot of people having issue with the latest Nvidia drivers for gears. I’ve never had a problem with the performance luckily.

Yeah, several “please have mercy” messages were seen on global. Me and Shelly had to sit a game out for a fair 3v5 for you guys. Y’all still lost tho

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Nothing is fixed the game is a complete ■■■■ show on PC. Just try to get your money back somehow. Not even worth the 1$ with the subscription. They wont fix it either, they never did in Gears 4. Game is dead already anyway.

I am getting the unable to sign into xbox live glitch now… havent been able to play for days. Havent heard the devs even specifically mention any of these issues. Purchased game on steam… tried all the work around including uninstalling and reinstalling, Its a bummer.

Heres to hoping this bump gets TC to notice…