Anything on Horde?

I’m kind of worried we haven’t had anything on Horde yet
I feel that it’s either 2 things they didn’t change much so nothing
to report or they made drastic changes that we will hate much how they made judgment horde 10 waves

There should be Horde info on 19th of August at Gamescom.


Pretty sure Judgment didn’t have Horde in any shape or form…

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(Five days into August)

“I’m worried we’re not hearing anything yet.”


Judgment did have a horde they just didn’t call it horde
it was just 10 waves and classed based

It wasn’t Horde.

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were a month away and we have nothing so yeah it’s concerning to me

Well just wait till gamescom and then complain if the info that we don’t have is concerning to you.

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that I can agree they tried passing it as if it was Horde that’s how I remembered only played judgment for the first month gave it up once I did the campaign

You mean Overrun? That was a totally different mode.


I am concerned!


The only thing I’d be concerned about is that with this Hero thing TC have going, is whether they’ll be so stupid(sorry, but there’s no other way of putting it for such an idea) to restrict classes to specific characters like in Arcade for Versus.

I’m trembling with fear…

Why the concern when you already have Gears 2 and 3’s much more enjoyable Horde?

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Good things come to those who wait.

What happened to the times when you simply just played the game?


Did you watch E3 at all? TC said June is Escae, July is MP, Aug is Horde, and Sept is Campaign

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They clearly said that horde info was coming on August 19th during E3

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I think Rod said that was only for Escape in one of his interviews during E3.

I’m excited for that mechanic

Survival is Horde mate or at least a sub culture.the 10 waves can be really punishing even on Hardcore.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m curious what they’ll do with this “hero” stuff. But I’m being cautious at the same time due to not being a particularly big fan of 4s class system, in no small part due to the power pickup rubbish turning Scout into an absolute chore, and the many issues around it.

But the worst thing they could do is to lock classes to characters. But if what @Buster_McTunder said is correct(I didn’t follow any interviews or streams after E3), I guess I got nothing to worry about in that regard.