Anything coalition can do about the people who give up during ranked matches and hide to do nothing?

just an honest question. im sure all of us here had to deal with it. i think it becomes annoying when their may be a 60-80 point difference during control and one of the players just give up and hide. can the coalition do anything about it?

They can, but they have pretty much ignored the community instead of applying systems like vote to give up.


Blame achievements/skins being locked behind PvP.
PvE players already don’t want to be there start losing and why even bother trying

@Aloha_its_Kyle thoughts?

Don’t have this problem that much

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Fixing the connection issues would help.
I have so many matches with lag that become unplayable it’s ridiculous, maybe some players are just trying to avoid getting killed over and over.
Just a thought.


I don’t know which i hate more, the quitters or these people that give up.

Even if I lose, i don’t mind as long as my team gave his best effort. But these people make the game so frustrating.


i’ve been wondering about the achievements as well. i dont mind them but when they become specific, it becomes a chore, especially when it is strictly either PVP or PVE. they addressed it with having one section being strictly pvp only but versus needs further attention as it does force players to incentivize the achievements rather than the objective,

Hide yourself when you are on The wrong side of ping :+1:


I just find it bizarre that some achievement hunters really go out of their way to get achievements beyond any sense of enjoyment of the game. And all for the sake of validating their gaming experience by making a number next to their gamertag increase. I mean, I play games for fun. If the game’s online multiplayer mode is rubbish then I’m not going to touch it regardless of how many gamerscore points it gives you for doing X or Y.

It’s like my relationship with tennis. If there was a tennis tournement 5 minutes walk from me and the prize was £50,000 or something, as much as I’d like £50,000 I’m not going to enter the tournement because I despise tennis and am not good at it.

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I understand this guy.

I mean I was a PS guy until my buddy introduced me to GOW 4 shortly after it released… I had 8 platinums on my PS… only like 1 100% since I’ve gotten an XB… idk if it’s cause my platinums were games I really enjoyed anyways or if I just don’t find a point in doing it on XB just seeing 100%, least on the other side it showed how many platinums you have in your profile stats for people to see lol

But even that I still think it’s more of both, cause I love MGS franchise, did plat Snake Eater when I got the HD collection, but never even considered platting Sons of Liberty when I seen the dog tag trophy alone.

But did you plat MGS4?

I had put so much into that game, just to find out they added trophy support years after it released & the trophy requirements were crazy! My hats off to anyone who got the plat in that MGS game.

Bring back ranks should help stop it

I haven’t, I actually only played through that game once, maybe twice that I recall, might go back to it to beat the franchise someday… I have beaten the 1st 3 several times on PS 1(1st) and 2 (2nd and 3rd) but only played the 4th once or twice… liked it and all, just not gotten back to it. That’s why I need to go beat em again lol, especially since I never even played Phantom Pain… I have it, have had it for ages, just never touched it lmao.

Did love Ground Zero I played before I bought Phantom Pain, but that one had the MGS feel I’m used to still, least for the most part… not as open world as Phantom Pain is, which is what I have been skeptical on for even playing it… Open World is not MGS… worry I’m gonna lose the feel of the epic MGS cutscenes, when I gotta go so long from seeing them cause of Open World crap.

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I give up often nowadays because it’s not fair that we chose to play competitive and one guy chooses to not play… I typically play control but nowadays the teams aren’t fair… some people don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know how to control power weapons, control the ring itself, cross or nothing… I’ve came to an agreement that when one player or more chooses to not play I don’t play either… I’m not gonna be busting my ■■■ off every game just to carry a team… this game is already bad enough and this just makes it a lot harder. If people give up, or I see them in spawn doing nothing or they don’t know how to play and score 1000 points every control match I’m giving up at this point because this game is already bad enough and we are not gonnna win like that

What is there to do about it ?
As long as he is on the comp and not afking there is little that could be enforced.
For afking you could lower the time till you get dropped out of the game.

I’m sure you know the whole controversy over kojima getting fired and Konami forcing kojima to rush phantom pain, so it obviously goes without having to be said that the game is unfinished towards the end and sadly, they reuse a bunch of the same missions with different modifiers, but knowing all that stuff… I still think the phantom pain could’ve been great if kojima got to finish it. It’s definitely worth a play through and it holds up beautifully even though it’s like 7 yrs old already.

It just sucks that you can see a great game, peeking out from behind the curtain, that never quite got there. I still had a ton of fun using the Fulton system… sneaking up to tanks and sending them sky high, finding all sorts of stuff in the world to mess with…. it’s a messy game but it’s still fun. Yea, you definitely gotta run through it one day. It’s worth it.

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