Anyone with Xbox Series getting stuttering with variable refresh rate?

i recently bought a series s xbox console but i noticed that if i have variable refresh rate setting checked in the settings then gears 5 will randomely start to stutter bad , if i disable it this problem goes away but no other games is having issues with vrr so it must be gears 5?
has anyone else notice this with the new xbox consoles?
my previous xbox one x didnt do this i no longer have it since i sold it to get this but it never stutter so bad that it became choppy looking
whats going on?

Hi, I have the same problem. Also only happens with Gears 5 on my Series S and X. Disappears when switching off VRR/Freesync on my Samsung QLEDs.
Before I read your post, I didn’t even realize it was VRR-related. Thought it might be a defective GPU or something. It’s not limited to Series S either. I also have a Series X, which I just checked, and it exhibits the same issue. I therefore assume it has something to do with the consoles’ firmware. As far as I know, games have nothing to do with VRR, The feature usually just works automatically with every game without the developer adding or doing anything.
I read on Xbox support that there are still quite a few VRR-related issues with the new Xbox consoles. I therefore hope this issue gets fixed too along with those.

I have intermittent stuttering in Gears 5 with VRR enabled on Series X and Samsung TV. Disabling VRR “fixes” the problem.

Stuttering doesn’t happen in any other game I played. It’s really annoying having to toggle VRR setting every time I want to play Gears 5.

yeah i hope so man yeah it was really jittery with vrr enabled