Anyone with a Series X + 120hz monitor/TV

Join a 14 player FFA (new playlist) and tell me how long it takes you to feel nauseous from the 70-80 fps you’re getting.

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You’re not getting 120fps as advertised?

On that war room it’s on 60 FPS for some reason all the other maps it’s fine

It’s not just war room, the 14 player FFA maps are all the same.

This is intentional, due to the size of the map we’ve capped the frame rate to 60 on that one!

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I regret buying a TV when I did. Back in like… 2015? I got a quantum dot display HDR 4K 60" TV that was literally the second best TV they had in the store (the other was OLED) to future proof it. It’s a fantastic TV.

…but it came out before higher refresh rates were a demand, so it’s 60hz. I can’t play 120fps in my living room. :disappointed:

that’s tech though.

if you keep waiting for the next thing you’ll never end up buying anything. now that you missed the 120Hz rush your next TV will be cheaper, have better features and be less prone to first-adopter issues.


I got 55" LG OLED CX after getting Series X because I hated not being able to fully use it’s power and damn does it look amazing at 120fps, it’s a whole different game compared to playing on 60.

This is true but… I’m very happy with my TV and don’t want to drop money for another when the refresh rate is literally the only downside.

Maybe I’ll see if anyone I know is in the market for a TV upgrade and sell it to them. :thinking:

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I plan on getting a 4k/120 monitor later in the year (when they ideally get cheaper) but my current 4k/60 one is still great. Even when I get the new one, that just means I have another monitor. Don’t think my poor old laptop can handle 2 4k monitors and a 1080 one all at once though.

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That’s what I did, no rush tho, you upgrade when you can and until then enjoy what you have :+1:

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It would be instantaneous nausea if I’m on anything less than 240 FPS.

I just the samsung q50r, not as good as any monitor but now I need to find a series x to complete my new setup:(

Twitter trackers

That is the only way to get them

I dont do the twitter:( it’s okay hoping to have one at least by christmas if not for Christmas, that’s my goal rn and I know most people dont have one 3ither so I try not to trip, but man itd be nice to upgrade

Just realized snubs is the OP, heyyy man is a decent enough alternative. I had better luck by creating a temporary Twitter account, but that site might work for you.

Either way, you’ll have to sign up for something if you wish to get the new consoles in the near future. Maybe stock will improve this year, but due to component shortages, now isn’t a great time to be in the market for new gaming hardware.

Good luck with that especially around Christmas

With the semi conductor shortage and the scalpers you might not be able to get one until 2022 or later by just waiting . Unless you get lucky or unless things get better in time with production

The Twitter trackers will at least tell you when stock is available so you have a better chance of getting one with what limited stock is available

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im not getting the 120 fps either, it doesnt feel as smooth like PC at all