Anyone wasted years learning to bounce

I haven’t played gears 5 in a year and a half the wall bounce is still horrifically slow . I wasted 3 years of my life playing gears only for them to scrap the mechanic. I bounce circle around people .

Hit them 4 times do 80 they hit me once do 100. Anyone miss the days where you was the team. You didn’t need help. People had to actually learn the game.

I miss epic games :pensive:


No, I’m not a fan of PvP players (because I’m a noob), but I use the old GOW 3 method (Bot-walk? I don’t know.) to play PvP in Gears 5.

A little bounce is fine. There’s no need to spend extra time to learn bouncing everywhere.

PS:I love GOW 3 PvP very much.

There was no (bot walking in gear 3) gears 3 is what made bouncing great!!! The sheer speed of bouncing alone made players fear your presence. You’re an unstoppable force.

But it’s the past gears will never be that great again…

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That game is many years ago…I can’t remember very much.

It took me at least 3 months to re-learn bouncing when I started playing Gears 5 early op 3

You actually have to play the game for real. No hyper wall bounceing hog wash. lol

The PVP was never what really appealed to me, but they should not punish the people with PVP skills in Gears 5.

I started playing gears 4 again because I love the movement. I was shocked to find it’s the same as I left it 2 years ago. Can still get TDM and KOTH lobbies. Matchmaking isn’t too bad, and I see enough variety in the players,

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Get good…

Again :slight_smile: