Anyone using an elite controller on here?

Yes, this was coming from one who has never even held a controller other than the og ones. I could not resist the post, ha. So the scuf, are they quite reliable? I have contemplated buying a unique controller but would want something more than just a repaint per say.

I know what the blueprint emblems are man. Pretty sure he is asking what are some blueprints that people have for their Elite Controllers as in they way the controls are laid out and setup

The feel of the elite is very much different. Especially in the sticks. I actually find them too stiff because if I let the stick go, the rebound registers a movement in the opposite direction. Has caused me to bounce to the wrong wall, make the wrong menu selection, etc many times. I like having paddles but the mechanism they use to register the clicks gets indented and less responsive. MS made some glaring oversights in the design of these things.

Scuf does some things better, some worse. Their rubber degrades rather quickly and my Scuf grips are disgusting. In 6 months they turned into that sticky material you get from the candy dispensers, those rubber toys that grab stuff. The rubber on the sticks split.

I’ve never, ever broken a regular controller in all my life. But the premium ones fail on me quickly. If you don’t have the money to throw away, don’t bother with them. Never made my gameplay better, just the ergonomics of the paddles is nicer.

The newest version of the regular Xbox controller is actually pretty decent. My wife prefers them to the elite.

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I just picked up a controller about two months ago and I like it. Probably the same one you are referring to that your wife prefers.

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Newer version of normal pad? What’s different? I bought a 1X last month that has a controller, think it could be one of these? I’ve not looked

It’s got better grips and the overall feel may be more solid (I’ve not spent a lot of time with one). The controller that came with my One X Scorpio seemed to be the older style, with the special graphic. People were paying $80 and up for them on eBay so I sold mine without even using it.

Can confirm I do indeed have one, jus though it was the same as original so never unpacked it, why would I with an elite? yea grips are nicer :slight_smile:

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Nah. Scufs are just modified stock controllers. Crap. The elite controller is made of different materials. Far sturdier and I haven’t had any problems with the controller. Had it for two years. Play Gears heavily every day almost. I use those watchamacallit thumb grips you click onto the thumbsticks. Forget the company that makes it. Couple bucks and you don’t have to worry about the rubber. If you beat off a lot, your hand muscles get too strong and it causes a lot of controllers to break. So, remember to switch hands every other time.

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The elite 2.0 is rumored to have adjustable thumbstick tension. So, those who exclusively hipfire won’t over pivot/swivel. It is rumored to have three controller map settings that we can change just by clicking. Also, the hair triggers will be real hair triggers. If you even think about firing, it will fire. Also, it’s rumored to have a grip texture similiar to that of labia.


Yes, I’m waiting with baited breath for that one. Can’t come soon enough. Seems to address most of my complaints about the current build.

Sounds like just what we need :slight_smile: couldn’t believe the trigger BS when I 1st tried it, literally does nothing but stops em half way, I’ve played games where they don’t even register with hairtrigger on as they need to go past that point, crazy

In case you weren’t aware, in the accessories app you can reduce the min and max pull range on the triggers so that doesn’t happen.


I was just helping a friend with that tonight. Definitely gotta calibrate those in the accessories app.

Also, one of the stick behavior modes (aggressive, smooth, etc) creates a glitch in Gears 4 that will make you pause when you perform diagonal movement. I forget which it is.

When you say pause I assume you mean stop moving,I recall something like this myself. If I remember rightly the radial calculation setting is there to fix that but you only enable it if you need to.
In the thumstick screen theres a little circle that indicates where your thumstick is in relation to its deadzone, if at any point while your thumstick is insinde the final deadzone indicator,( while the thumstick itself is pressed right at the max point) rather than right up against it.
You need to enable radial calculation.

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Yes, movement would stop, in upper left or upper right movements when some other condition was met (can’t recall if it was roadie or what). I’ve never seen the stick enter the dead zone on that screen but it’s good info. If I ever revisit the elite settings I’ll check it further.

Just for clarity.
(pun intended as I’m aware my phone has a terrible camera)

That’s what it looks like when you need to use radial calc, I found it easiest to replicate on the smooth setting.

If at any point those circles don’t line up you may experience some issues.


At least you were wearing clothes. Ha.


Honestly I could imagine myself doing some dumb shhh like that.

Maybe next time :wink:

thanks for that. gonna try it out in a bit

Well, there’s a way to modify that. You know those circular felt pads they sell at home depot? The ones that look like furry buttons. One side is sticky. They’re about 2 bucks for like 25 of them. They’re about the size of a round thumb tack. Open up the handle panel of your controller. Where the RT and LT are, you can tuck one of those in there. It will cut the distance by 99%. You just have to barely touch it, and it will go off. That said, you need to fiddle around with the placement, as it might cause your control panel (the side bar where your friends list shows up, messages, etc.) to go a little beserk. Just fiddle with the placement.

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