Anyone using an elite controller on here?

if so what are the best blueprints to use? just trying to use this controller more. thanks in advance

They’re just emblems for personalization, they really don’t have any special function.

Emblems? What are you talking about? He is asking for a controller scheme for the Elite Controller

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Emblems can be equipped in the customization menu, there only for personalization like he said.

Oh is that what an emblem is?

talking about settings on the comtroller?

Emblems that show up with your gamertag in the lobby’s. Some of them are blueprints of weapons, grenades… They don’t mean anything, they’re just decoration.

For an Elite controller scheme I map both stick presses to the left paddles. The upper left paddle is LS and the lower left paddle is RS for me, makes sniping easier as I mark with the upper paddle and zoom with the lower. Upper right paddle I map to X button since I use it all the time picking up weapons and ammo. I forget what I have the lower right paddle mapped to.

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yes the settings on the controller. not emblems?

Reading comprehension is a problem on here. The dumb just keep getting dumber. Well, if you want to bounce without having to go to a different default setting like Classic Alt, then map your a button on one of the right side paddles. Map your weapons switch on one of the left side paddles as well, so you can cross with ease. Map your b button on the right side paddle so you can counter those pesky mantle kicks and pullovers faster.

Literally lost brain cells from this thread


Lol what he said ^^^

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One benefit of an Elite is that you can make it ergonomic to whatever suits you. I don’t like using the triggers so I have them mapped to paddles. I also don’t like claw so I have roll and slide (separate because I play alt) on paddles.
Pushing in sticks annoys me because it can throw off aim when sniping so I moved those to triggers.

All the blueprint emblems are craftable, so if you find one you like it’s just 40 scrap to get it.

Yup, using the word blueprint was a mistake. Makes for a funny read tho :slight_smile:

Speaking of the elite controller, I have the gears one, anyone else had the rubber grips jus fall off? Cheap crap


Yea, the grips are an issue that’s been going on since release and those cheap **** STILL haven’t had their manufacturing team change the materials. Unbelievable the things gaming companies get away with.


Tell me about it! My gears 4 elite controller is peeling off, the rubber handle on left side. Had to use ruhberbands and glue to keep it on but then it got in the way of my world domination on Gears so I just use the regular controller that came with my Gears Xbox S console. 🤷

I’d take a picture and post it here but it’d be too painful to look at, no lie.


Both mine have come away completely, I’m holding plastic with holes in it :confused: I do have a brand new controller that came with the X1 tho I would argue that thing should have been shipped with an elite

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So stop buying them. Why support a company who puts out junk? Oh… Where am I?

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Probably because of the hype with the Scuf controllers. I gotta admit, Microsoft was smart enough to jump on that bandwagon because they knew people would buy since it’d be easier to buy an elite controller along with an Xbox at the store or online than going through customization of the Scuf build.

But… but honestly… You do know this is the ‘Gears’ Elite controller we’re talking about right? The design is top notch. But the manufacturing of it, more specifically the broad elite controllers, are not. The Gears Xbox S edition is easily the best customized Xbox I’ve ever owned and that’s coming from someone who has a mountain dew lime color original Xbox, and a Gears 360 console (which was really just good paintwork). My only gripe is that it’s an Xbox S and not Xbox One X, but I’m confident enough that Gears 5 will change that, console-wise. :wink:

Besides, Gears is only exclusive to Microsoft so we’re going to put up with it anyway, right?!

But yeah I get ya with that little snide reference to TC. You have no idea how nervous I am that Gears 5 will be polished and nothing like all the issues plaguing it’s predecessor. On the bright side, if I’m not heavy on Gears 5 (although will always be heart heavy on the franchise), I can always try to get into Tactics and Pops just to scrap away at any justifying of still wanting to remain in the Gears community, heh.

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Haha great work! Can’t fault the original elite tho, apart from the paddles that come with it, I bought some paddles an a d-pad from game (gears ones) much smaller paddles and my d-pad has the pics of the weapons on it, looks sick XD