Anyone using a trackball to play?

Just curious if we got any true thumb titans roaming around using a trackball as a game pad.

(im not using one)

I’m actually using that one right now. Played G4 with it but switched to xbox for G5.

Been using trackballs since 97’, I can barely use a mouse now.


Nice, does your thumb get fatigued at all? How’s your reaction shots in vs?

I know accuracy is good once you get used to it but I’m curious if flipping your thumb back and forth in hairy situations is difficult.

I actually nabbed a clip today that I can use as an example of what I’m talking about.

For me, I had to swing the mouse left and right and left and right, etc while tapping on my cover in order to make these movements. It’s almost muscle memory anymore and the ‘swing’ is just a simple movement, not a full on ‘swing’ or anything lol.

I’m wondering with thumb pad if you can go back and forth that easy once you get used to it.

The movement you did on seconds 15-20 is easily done with a trackball as it doesn’t require a high sensitivity for that, Reaching hyper bounce levels on the other hand is extremely hard if not impossible since trackballs are not designed for that.

The “gaming trackball” moniker simply means it has more buttons and a customizable software, it can’t compare to high dpi settings the mouse can achieve.

As for fatigue, I can use it at work for 8 hours and then play something for several hours and never feel any discomfort at all.

Interesting indeed.

I’m not much of a hyper bouncer in general, I only whip the majority of my bouncing while in panic mode, like in that clip - or when trying to get a wrap or other funky shot off before the enemy does.

Thanks for the info

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