Anyone use the Nighthawk Router series?

Anyone using this router? i heard from people that it supposed to help with lag spikes and make better connections. idk. has anyone heard such a thing?

I use the router and I don’t experience lag spikes. That said I live in SD and I have always enjoyed very stable internet with good speed, I never have any bad experiences even before I bought this router. As far as connections, I put my Xbox in my DMZ and my NAT is always open.

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I have the newer one with Duma OS, specifically for gaming. Nighthawk 500 I think. It’ll help if you have problems on YOUR end, but won’t do a thing for the awful connections this game sometimes gives us. The server was throttling me up to 400 ping and back down a couple months ago. Everything on my end was fine.

The main benefits are;
-Anti buffer bloat (if you have streaming devices hogging bandwidth).
-allocating more bandwidth to certain devices.
-geo restriction, which DOESN’T work on G4 because they no longer use regional matchmaking. But, is supposed to really help with COD and such.

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I have the Nighthawk X8 and it runs great! Rarely have any lag on my end and you can open up to like 4 channels so that you have a dedicated part of the wifi for gaming only, no interference whatsoever. Totally worth it, I love it!

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Thanks guys. My NAT is open and I’m pretty smooth for the most part. I was trying to see if it would help with the crap connections on game

The game and it’s implementation of Lag Comp is what causes a lot of issues for people who don’t have connection issues.

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I’ve spent literally hundreds trying to mend this game because it was the main one I played for the last year until recently. Nothing made a lick of difference.

I agree.cause any other game I’m smooth with connection