Anyone try out Halo Infinite MP yet?

I’ve been playing it a bit the last two nights. I’m absolute ■■■ at the game so far but starting to get the feel for the controls, maps and weapons a little bit. It’s ok but I can’t say I love it . I feel like it plays a bit like a cross between H2A and Halo 5.

Anyone else?

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It’s so good, it’s nice to see that the MA40 actually has a use in MP for once lol.

My favorite weapon rn is definitely the Commando, nobody seems to ever pick it up and I typically do well with it.

I’m terrible at CQC but I can hold my own in long range battles.

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The last two days I’ve been playing it more and really enjoying it. Finished my 10 ranking matches and got Gold 3 late last night. It took me a few days to get comfortable with the controls, but they are felling smooth now.

The assault rifle has a tighter spread and better range so its definitely better this time around.

The Commando is a beast at close and mid range. I find the BR is similar and perhaps a tad better at long ranges. But it absolutely destroys at closer ranges if you are reasonably accurate. I also noticed that not a lot of people are picking it up which I find strange too. It’s so good.

CQC is all about the melee. I play Bumper Jumper and the melee is right above trigger so it’s perfect for getting a couple shots in and and melee for the kill. You’ll see savvy players rack up 8-10 melee kills in a round.

Some of the Power Weapons and pickup weapons feel a little underwhelming. I wish they had a firing range where they had all the weapons lined up and you could just practice using each one and seeing its strengths and weaknesses. An example was the shotgun. In previous Halos it was a one shot weapon up close. My limited experience with it this time around , it’s definitely weaker. I put 2 shots on someone at pretty close range but didn’t get the kill.

It is quite strange lol, you would think people would want to pick it up because for a long time it was literally the only weapon people used.

Yeah I definitely suck at this lol, I’m not incapable of getting CQC kills but more often than not, I’d rather sit up on a hill and use BR or try to put some distance between me and people.

I dont understand what any of the Covenant weapons even do lmao. I know the plasma pistol of course but everything else to me is foreign. I usually just pick up the UNSC weapons anyways, I hardly ever get the Bulldog but I think its decent, it’s a faster rate of fire weapon so that’s most likely why it doesnt one shot kill someone at point blank.