Anyone Tired of Horde Trolls/Casuals?

It’s getting worse guys. Operation 3 arrived.

So many casuals/trolls pollute horde, they jump into custom games and not read the title and purposefully troll/ruin the game by being selfish/ a ■■■■■■■■.

Lanhi comes in (why Lanhi jesus …) does their TOD kills and buys a repair gun and quits.

Casuals come into a custom game and mess up lockers on purpose for the rest of the team.

PVP players thinking they are so pro with their wall bounce + gnasher and get killed every 10 seconds.

Kait’s come in and spam lancer gl’s and booms into the air and puts them back and quits the game.

Jacks (99% of all Jack’s are trolls - stealth+cunty) - You buy a forge, even level 4 and they quit after theit TOD kills.


If you’re a regular/veteran/pro horde/escape player … keep kicking /calling them out / blocking/banning them and preserve your team/games against this scum.

Horde is not a hard game. Play as a team and be respectful if you join someone else’s lobby.

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Chill. Come play with us in the Gears groups. Leave your random woes behind.



It’s not always a workable solution but it helps. Ask @Ektope and he will tell you I am worse than a random :smile:

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I play regular with trusted players but those times where you can’t get a full team of 5 I gotta allow randoms in and it’s a 90/10 chance they will troll/suck.

How are you worse than a random? You’ve gotten me curious now that I’ve seen this post.

Yeah. I played a match where Sarah Connor took my Longshot off a locker and refused to put it back.

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LMAO I just got done playing a match where we were on Wave 44 on Master on Canals, our Kait quit and a Mac came in. Soon as he spawns, he starts grabbing all our weapons off the lockers and starts forging them. Then he saluted and quit after we were weaponless. Good times.

Playing with randoms is definitely a mixed bag. I’d definitely love a group to play with regularly. I didn’t get to play horde on 4 but it’s not hard to learn. There’s all sorts of articles, forums & YouTube video tips to get you up to speed. Unfortunately it seems a lot of players are selfish & it ruins everything.

It’s sad that theres people out there that have nothing better to do than troll a video game to ruin the experience for someone else. That’s where this negative mindset that gears 5 sucks, is hurting the people who enjoy it. Theres trolls who will try to ruin it for others just to reinforce their BS fixation on trying to get the game to “fail”.


That´s the reason why I try and make private öobbies with friends and family, that way I don´t rage too much LOL

Always welcomed to join, I am GMT+1

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if you want, come and join us, I play every evening mainly on Master but will gladly go down for you to get the hang of it. I play for fun so who cares if we win or not.

Timezone for me is GMT+1


I’ve played on all levels. I learn quick. I feel like a lot of it is common sense. But I’m also open to feedback when I play. I’ve learned a lot from seeing what other ppl do. What time are you usually on?

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Also I’m EST I’m typically on during the day because of what my work schedule is normally like. But I’m sure we can catch up.

I too understand what you’re going through. I wish I had a team of 4 other friends who were dedicated to playing horde instead of playing with randoms.

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my time (GMT+1) in Germany, am on around 7:15 PM every day almost. I added you which makes it easier to see if you are available

I’m tired as hell of people who take other people’s weapons. I play as JD and it’s like my GL is some kind of hypnotic attractive bait that Horde fools cannot escape. I try for ammo boxes when I can, but when I have to locker it, its a ‘here we go again’ moment. Same for my Boomshot really.

Also (again as JD) if I down a flyer for a Salvo I want the Salvo but I’ve had people run for it, pick it up, empty it and throw it away. No intention to let me have it (fair do’s as the person who downed it and having Bleed on explosives) or Locker it.