Anyone think Queen Myrah will return?

Just think it could be a possibility and I don’t wanna mention why lol… What do y’all think?

Queen Myrah’s Fate Gears 3

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God I hope not.

Most likely will have flashback scenes or new “old” scenes.


No. She was killed by Marcus.

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Probably in visions,

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Myrrah will be alive, but it won’t be the same Myrrah.

Padulk goes back in time to an earlier point during the Pendulum Wars to provide the UIR critical information and technology, creating a divergent reality where the UIR destroys the COG and nearly defeats the Locust. The past-UIR will invade the main universe, but not before past-Myrrah comes to warn Kait about the impending threat. Kait then convinces the present COG and Swarm set aside their differences to push the past-UIR back, launching a counter-offensive into the alternate Universe. However, due to the lack of modern resources from the present, the COG retrofits DB enhancements onto the Swarm to conserve energy and HOLY CRAP THIS IMULSION ENERGY DRINK IS GREAT!


So there is a time machine in GOW?

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Black Screen.
M$ $tudios logo.
Hard Cut right to the action.
COG Soldiers running toward to defend Anvil Gate.
This time there’s no blast dropping all the Locust. Marcus & Adam failed at Azura. Queen Myrrah kills them both and finished off Delta squad…

Turns out Gears 3’s ending, Gears4 and the bits of teaser we have seen for Gears5 were all a dream.

A dream of Jack’s as the light in his robotic eye pops like an old tube TV powering off. He was the last remnant of humanity’s existence and he proves that robots do dream of electric sheep.

Gears 5 title screen.

Second prologue:
The Locust won the war and have taken over the planet. Gears 5 is going back to where it all started with the Locust trying to rebuild their civilization.

That’s right.
Gears 5 is now an extension of Sim City! Use the imulsion to develop new thriving cities. Set up electrical and plumbing infrastructure. Manage your resources. Build Locust schools. Keep your torture camp industry thriving! It’s all the fun of planning a city with none of the fun of a Gears of War game!
Pre-order today!


I think Marcus knows how to stab someone to death. Also say why? I would like to know

Possible he used a joke knife, like one with a retractable blade that pushes down into the handle and Myrah faked it. Or Baird Frankenstein’s her and reanimates her corpse.

No. Definitely not. As much as it pains me, she’s dead. It’s impossible and any reason for her to physically return would be illogical and ridiculous.

She’ll be back in flashbacks and influence only, which I’m much appreciative of. She was the game’s main protagonist after all, so she deserves the respect.

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Oh in a perfect world, yes…

She deserved that.

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If the infinity time stone exists or Kronika from MK11 is in this universe then yes she can return :smiley:

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Some granny action would be cool tbh …

Ok but why does this sound so fun hahaha

Think Myrah has any connection to Ruth?
Notice how Adam disintegrated because he was infected, but why didn’t Myrah if that was the case? Just throwing it out there :thinking:

Because she wasn’t infected.

I don’t see any benefit to doing that. I’d rather see new villains with new motives. Myrrah would be interesting in visions or flashbacks, but coming back to life or some “she didn’t actually die” story move? Wouldn’t make much sense. Kait having visions of her would be an interesting conflict though.

Honestly yea. I actually hope she’s a twist at the end of the game that she’s behind all this and she convinces Kait. Kait and Myrrah are kind the bad queens of 6 Then truly end her story with 6. Maybe make a good connection between her and Kait thru 6 only for Kait to kill her for good and to save her family and friends lives

Maybe someone flew her to a safer location to fix her :wink:

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