Anyone still having problems with Campaign?

I can’t seem to get in contact with the support team, so I’ll put it here.

All of jacks abilities are greyed out/invisible. So I can’t change which ones I have active or upgrade them.

Note: This is only when playing jack in-game.

Would you be able to offer any advice or do you have a fix?

After I completed the campaign, I had an issue where I didn’t get the achievement for completing the campaign. But a few days later, the achievement popped for me and I haven’t had an issue since. But then again I haven’t played the campaign again since then.

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Same, just completed a let down of a campaign just to be told I only finished 86 % ? How’s that possible when I beat it. Lol

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Mine said 73% when I beat it. Maybe TC issued a server side update or something. IDK. But I have the achievement now. I know a lot of people are still having that issue though.

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My son is on 86%,thanks for above threads,at least he is not alone,he did do every act ,did do his collectables,by looking on YouTube,but not all of them