Anyone solo'd all maps on Gears 2 JP?

I’m curious if anyone solo’d all maps in Gears 2 Japan for the Horde master achievement? or is it only doable with a team? If you did happen to do like half the maps solo & half with a team, i’m curious which maps you did solo & what maps you did with a team?

I have solo’d quite a bit of it, but i have my partner and a friend jump on now and then to help with harder waves.

best run i ever had was 1-47 solo on Pavilion, then died to a nade thrown into my area that I didn’t notice.

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I only had a month of xbl gold back when Gears 2 was released so I solo’d all the core maps. Once I got all the DLC I solo’d all but No Where. No matter what I strategy I used there I would get overrun.

*I just noticed the “Japan” part of this so I don’t know what’s different with that version.

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Not bothering with the frustrations of trying to solo all those maps. There’s enough time involved just doing them to begin with. Some of the maps have feasible spots that could be protected by a single Boom Shield that could work. The spawns in Blood Drive and War Machine, the garage in Under Hill, shield spawn on Pavilion, roof on Fuel Station. I remember trying behind the cover on the balconies on Day One in the US version, and the enemies would back away unless I came out. But having your shield get kicked down would lead to quickly getting overrun, again and again. There’s also the ammo considerations.

I’ve just been joining sessions on TrueAchievements that fit my schedule. 11 maps down, 18 to go.

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Thank you :slight_smile: