Anyone’s connections just dropping like the old lag switch in game?

Struggling today, my games just keep dropping for seconds mid match, I see people walking in to walls then a second later I’m in a teleportation device either dead or back where I started.

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That’s been happening for a while. At least, on the west coast servers. I was getting those back in November and they’ve been averaging around every other day for me in the last two or three months since the connections got really bad.

I don’t know where I’m going to be when they resolve. Sometimes in a nest of enemies, sometimes in spawn, etc. One thing I’ve found is that people who aren’t used to them tend to be easy prey when the server recovers so I always pounce as soon as I come out of those long server lags.

Lol yup at least 4 times today.

Cheers guys, haven’t played very often lately so was pretty disappointed it kept happening today.

Really wish they would remove that delay after run for blind fire, feels like where back in the Gears 2 days having to quickly LT and then RT

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Very odd… I didn’t know of this happening lately, cause personally I haven’t had the connection drop mid game, I 've had lobbies dissolve here and there, but never had the connection drop mid-match.

I will be bringing this up to see if this is a known issue, or emerging.

Question: have you noticed this after the most recent update?

Thank you…

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Hi Evil_0NE

Yes this has only started happening to me since the last update,

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Thank you I have forwarded up to TC.


Gears have very bad servers

I haven’t won a single match since the update. Every single game we lose 1-3 people on the team and the other team’s pings are so erratic you can’t possibly kill them. Saved a bunch of video yesterday that I need to edit into something watchable. (pings constantly bouncing from ~60ms to ~500ms)

The game is back to the way it was a year or so ago; shots not registering, teleporting players, 83%'s galore…

Yeah I thought it was me yesterday as my first game I realised I was uploading, so thought that explained the lag,

But then on the other games i shut down the upload machine and still found I was disconnecting and reconnecting mid game and watching others perform i gathered I wasn’t the only one experiencing the issue.

I messaged a couple of them and sure enough they were having the same problem.