Anyone playing online at 4k 120fps?

So I can’t think of a reason to buy a tv with 120Hz or a series x console. So I’m curious (only those who actually have a new tv capable of running 4k 120fps, because most people think having the new console is good enough. When you actually need a NEWER tv with hdmi 2.1 ports and a 120Hz refresh rate) to hear reviews from people who are playing gears 5 for series x. Impressions???

120hz isn’t essential for PVE but it does give a slight advantage in PVP, same with the improved input latency on the Series X

Best way I can describe it is that by having lower input delay as well as being shown twice as many frames per second just removes all barriers between your reflexes and the game, with the only remaining barrier being your network connection and ping

In all honesty I do love the Series X upgrades but I don’t think it’s a drastic improvement if you already have an Xbox One X

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Person above is right. I don’t have series x but with the one, my TV makes me superior in all game modes! You gotta love Japan for selling 4K TVs at a slightly different price then the USD.

It still doesn’t help with the gnasher though. Ugh

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Thanks for your reply. So are you playing PvP at 120fps? I know you said the difference isn’t drastic, but curious to know if it is an actual DIFFERENCE.

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I’ve played PVP at both 60hz and 120hz on Series X,

I don’t have a 120hz tv in my loungeroom (where my series X is usually connected) but I do have a <1MS 144hz monitor in my office that I use for playing ranked games (it’s not too annoying moving the series X around)

Tbh, you do feel that you can respond a lot faster and more accurately to what your seeing but the games tuning and other quirks can still rob you of a kill

So I personally wouldn’t invest in a TV or monitor that has 120hz if I didn’t already have one, what I do feel is more important is getting a TV or monitor with low latency so that way it’s only ping that’s holding you back

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Yeah I’m real curious as to what sort of improvement you get with input delay more than I am with the FPS. It would be interesting to see how it compares to PC’s input delay.

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Imo, it just gives u a smoother game play… that’s about it.

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I have a 120hz tv with no series X

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120hz is a beast to be honest it’s so smooth ,


If the server tick rate doesn’t match, the advantage is minimal.

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True, but the gameplay just feels better. Hard to put into words.

I’m using a CX with Series X it’s very smooth and looks clean as I’ve ever seen. I am impressed.

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