Anyone playing Brawl then?

Had 30mins to spare so signed in for a quick game …

Might have something to to do with the medals for it not tracking.

How can you wait 30 minutes for a game. I am not bashing on you or anything its just when I get the 5 minutes mark and no game within that time then I am out lol.

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Yea 5mins is my cut-off too, but this morning I just left it running out of interest. I wasn’t sat there watching it, but did manage to capture the photo when I heard the game created.

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Thats fair. I to am a B***H for curiosity lol.

Its just I remember seeing threads about how long it is for some to find a game and the wait times were unbelievable to a point where I would just quit the game completely.

Lol y’all is better than me… if I don’t have a game by 3:00 I back out and try again, or back out and go do something else for a minute.

Maybe do an Xbox reboot and start again. Maybe turn router off and on. Sometimes it’s just a hiccup that can be shaken off with a power cycle.

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I never managed to play a Brawl match till now, even with faster matchmaking on.

What happens in this versus event?

It’s more to do with bad matchmaking. Restart the process and it will be quicker. The software is just bad.

Ah ok,

I do have it set to lower ping. Maybe I can try setting it to Faster so I can get that High ping advantage :rofl: