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Anyone paid the about $25 for the glitched set?

I wont be buying anything in the esport tab unless they start upping the map count and quality

it feels like the influx of MTX they do get isn’t going towards actually making maps. instead if feels like it’s being funneled back into useless cosmetic junk.

@T0NY_HAYABUSA I’m sorry , I was thinking about not saying the truth however I wanted to be truthful with @Omen_LP here :slight_smile:

I did bought them however since then I haven’t buy anything at all.

I wouldn’t lost respect for you my friend , even if you support the game :slight_smile:

I remember how special you were with a golden Lancer or hammerburst in Gears 2. But now it’s not very Special to have different skins. And you have to pay 25 Dollars? Haha. You Got a full addon for this money in the past. I don’t support that skins stuff. Especially for a broken Game.


Only bought the loadout set. Way too expensive to buy everything…

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Not to mention they nickel and dime by selling the skins separately instead of a complete set. For me I will not give this company/game any financing until they get replaced by a company that can handle this franchise or a MIRCLE happens and they put Gears back to which it should be.

@TC_Octus @N0DEZER0 @the-coalition


Loving the mixed messages.

Hate the game. But I waste money on worthless crap within the game.


I support Gears my friend, in the only way I know how, by not playing 5. It’s not a gears game, and supporting this thing in any way will kill any chance we ever get a real gears game again, g5needs to die if there is a chance something real can rise from the ashes


With TC at the helm I don’t see

“a chance something real can rise from the ashes”

ever happening.

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@Wheelaa1 @Saber_Skywalker

While I think those sets really do look great on the weapons , I also agree with you that I made a mistake buying them.

when I bought them I did have the impression that the game was going to get better, and now my impression has changed totally from that specific time.

If I had the chance to returned them I would. however I can’t now .


It’s cool bro, if ya learnt from it it’s a valuable experience :+1:

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See I’ve only got the Eclipse set and the sets we brought over from G4, since the Op2 bundle was a good deal. But these… Just terrible as of now.

But I’d say it is the fact that the game sucks, I’ve poured some +$200 into Rainbow Six Siege, and like $130 in Gears 4, but because I had a lot of enjoyment playing those games.


The skins do look pretty frikkin awesome, but I’m not paying for multiple sets.
Seriously what greedy turd thought up the idea of breaking up the skins into weapon sets?

Tbh if they want my money for skins its nvsbl pxl or nothing.

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@Saber_Skywalker yes I’ve learned my lesson and now I won’t be paying anything until the game works as intended for me and my friends here.

@Buster_McTunder I think that’s what TC doesnt get it , we do have money the problem is we are not motivated enough with Gears 5 to pour into their bank accounts hahahaha :smile:


They look pretty slick but definitely not better than the limited edition ICE skins or the OP2 Eclipse Skins.

Nothing will be better than Team Ice

I’m not even referring to Team Ice. I am referring to the ICE skins that come with the console.

I know. The Ice Omen from console bundle edition. I was just saying the high Re-up one looked better.

Just my opinion.

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It’s weird because the ice Omen on the Ice Kait is dumb imo, makes it look worse. And the fact that her goggles are three inches thick.

Ice Kait was already the worse looking than Winter Kait itself, unless on Icebound.

Glacial Kait + Team Ice would be rare combo.

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I, too, spent $ on non needed items to show support for the franchise.

I bought some iron which I spent on Skeletal Kait, and I bought the G5 xbox one X…

We had such high hopes…

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