Anyone noticed weapons changed on maps?

Vasgard no longer has a GL, now that location alternates Frags & incends. The old frags alternates retro & hammerburst.

IMO that’s a mistake, the GL is a great counter to longshot, I’ve taken many snipers there on with it and won. The hammerburst/retro adds nothing to the map, where there is a craw too…

Lousy substitution, in my opinion. If anything replace the two longshors with retros/hammerbursts, and put a longshot/embar in place of the claw/mace…

I hate how that nerfed and now even removing explosives but keep putting multiple longshots on maps…

Ohh, btw, anyone else noticed frags don’t count as explosive weapons for daily objective purposes, hahaha? I blew up multiple people with frags and my get 5 explosive kills goal remained the same…


Totally agree with you here. I already made a thread about this (Liberate Vasgar)

People were crying that the weapons werent in equal distance to both spawns when in fact they were. Noone had any advantages on power weapons. They took my beloved Freedom Lancer away

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Yeah it was a stupid move imo. New game ,new weapon and they remove it. It wasn’t op at all and weapon came in handy when a team was dug in.

Depends on the game modes

TDM - lancer
KOTH - Nades

Same if you play ice bound on execution. You can dabble in longshots and torque bows.

I only play koth and I noticed the change on koth…

They didn’t make enough maps to be able to place all the weapons