Anyone noticed they nerfed Tactician's explosive resupply rate?

Not by a lot… But they did, lol…

Game of nerfs, that is…

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The perk or the card…?

The perk, in Horde…

Before it would refill you faster than you could shoot, so you"d always end up with a full weapon at the end of the ultimate.

Not anymore. It refills you “only” as fast as you can shoot, so you dont “top up”…

Which weapon? The Boomshot?

Boom, drop… I didnt pay attention to salvo…

I have maxed speed loader, so those weapons fire fast :grin: no reload needed.

I’d always end with a full weapon…not any more

I also noticed the nax perk goes only to 90%… I cant be 100% certain that is lower than befre, i have no screen shot/etc, but it caught my eye since it looked odd/different to me.

Can’t speak for the perk% but it’s always been that way. If you spamed the Boomshot the entire Ult you would end up with no or only 1 shot left. Same with the Dropshot iirc.

I haven’t noticed any difference personally. Venom Explosive Resupply has 60% and you resupply a Salvo faster than you empty it out. Gonna give it a try later if that’s still the case.

Also; why would you not spam the GL during the Ult? Keegan has an AR-perk which affects the GL iirc.

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I hate the GL… Never liked it as JD, dont like it as Keegan

I have a blast with Drop and Boom, as Tactician :grin:

I just tested it with a salvo in Horde… Salvo still works like it used to…

Ok, maybe i made a mistake then… It has been a while since i played this (only play 1 game per week now)…

Ok, never mind, then :grin:

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As far as I’m aware, the perk always has been 90% at level 10.

This doesn’t surprise me. These silent nerfs has to freaking stop.

@TC_MichaelAOS @TC_Kilo1062

Are you able to confirm if this has been nerfed or whether it is user error. ?

I can confirm we’ve done no change to the explosive resupply rate perk whatsoever.