Anyone noticed a missing chapter 3

So far played first 2 chapters it jumped to chapter 4 from chapter 2 where’s 3.

If you mean hivebusters the lava section is chapter 3, it has no collectibles

Shortly after you leave on the door the text appears, but it can be easy to miss.


Ok good nothing missing then. Otherwise I’m enjoying this DLC so far. Thank you for letting me know.

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No worries :slight_smile:

Probably because you’re riding on a frikking lava river on a giant metallic door while a Snatcher is desperately clawing onto it and other Swarm soon show up to make your lives miserable.

And yes, I did miss that that was Chapter 3 too.

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This DLC isn’t bad. I could see it as a stand alone full game called. gears infiltration

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