Anyone noticed a bug with Marksmen’s X-Ray?

Was playing last night as Marksmen, and when my ult would hit approximately the halfway point before ending, enemy outlines would disappear, and I would see nothing through the X-ray.

Ticket is soon to follow, but has this been going on for anyone else?


I remember someone bringing this up during OP5 launch week. At the time, i figured the enemies were just killed but this actually happened to me last night. My Ult was half full but the purple stuff disappeared.

Another Fahz present in the game?

I noticed this yesterday too!

I was in Regency, shooting through the memorial area planter box bushes and even though I had ult remaining I suddenly couldn’t see the purple outlines. It happened once.

My Marksman was fine the rest of the night and on other maps.

Oh maybe this was it?

Happened to me when I was play on All Father’s

That’s not a bad shout actually. I did play a game with another Marksman yesterday. Whether it was the game in question i’m not sure but could be the reason

Yes there was. That have something to do with it?

Never had it happen myself because I never played with double Fahz, but apparently that causes some issues from what I’ve heard.


Interesting. Alright. I guess no more double Marksmen for me, as I was beyond pissed.

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Eh, you don’t need more than 1 Fahz in Escape, same for Horde: 1 Fahz with double Vets is good enough.

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We used double Marksmen in the horde daily last night.

That and for the blight in escape. Never really tried it any other time.

Believe it or not, even if you can’t see the outlines, you can still wall headshot as long as the ultimate meter is depleting.

But, yea so much for duplicate classes… Double marksman is a no-no unless you’re into playing with a handicapped ult. Made another marksman (he was host) quit our game the other day because I didn’t know what was going on with the bugged ult lol…