Anyone notice this on hotel?


Nice find. :grin:

If that’s an undiscovered easter egg than you might be given the blood moon imago unless TC stopped doing that

Can anyone make sense of the statue at COG spawn on Clocktower?

That would be bad*** idk how to tag octus though :grimacing:


tagged him for you

Also, to tag type @ then their forum name

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Thanks for this :smiley: there is lot of books on relic map. Maybe something interesting? :smiley:

Lol. Further proof of lazy writing. They just filled it with good ol’ Latin/garbage text.



I believed they stopped doing that months ago. There was a limited amount being given out for certain easter eggs.

To be fair, something so small like that (and mostly going unnoticed) is usually just random copy/paste. Though the few times it isn’t, it’s always so much better.