Anyone notice the active Gnasher?

Why have The Coaliton changed the Gnasher so actives no longer exist? Only noticed this today so sorry if I’m late, but if you haven’t noticed it, active reload your Gnasher and look at how long the active lasts, it doesn’t even last for a second. Anyone know why this has changed? Every other weapon has active reloads.

It’s because the active for the gnasher doesn’t give any bonuses, only a full six shots. All the other weapons have some kind of active buff.

When did this change? Its just another fast reload ?

I think it’s been like this since launch. If you miss the active it gives you only three shots. As to why they removed the active, I’m not entirely sure.

Link recorded this clip of the active reload and I can’t see an extra shot appearing as it’s still 6 regardless and the active resets after like half a second

You misunderstood him. Active reload for the gnasher has changed in Gears 5. If you hit active, it reloads the full clip. If you miss the active, it’ll only reload 3 shells. If you let the animation finish, as in you don’t try to active, you’ll reload the full clip. Reason why the active is resetting in half a second is because you already have a full clip, Active reloading no longer gives you a buff per say with the gnasher, and it has been so since launch.


Oh I see, sorry, and I’ve only just noticed Jesus :joy:

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I do miss the active Gnasher.

A fast reload and small 10% damage increase is enough to help 2/3/4/5 v 1 situations.

Being well timed into a fight takes some thought, although I would usually not do it due to forgetting and rushing in, it’s sometimes was nice to have.

So do i this Gnasher is crap, bring back gears 2/3/4 Gnasher


There’s not really a perfect Gnasher.

Gears 5 one is good, but just has hit registration issues.

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