Anyone missing store purchased skins?

I just noticed I’m missing Chrome Steel Kantus from my menu,
Is anyone missing paid DLC from their menus?

I am scared because there is a receipt for the iron I paid but not a receipt for what I bought with the iron.

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Anyways, I had this happen many months ago with my Chrome Steel Myrrah. I bought her on release then some weeks later I went to play again and only had her base skin.

I put in a support ticket and eventually got her back but this was after a LOT of effort. It’s impossible to prove you ever actually had a skin, to my knowledge. They tried to tell me they couldn’t see on the back end that I ever owned her. Which is a problem since we can’t see any kind of ‘Iron spent’ history on the front end either.

So what I ended up having to do was total all my Iron earnings from the Road to Gears 5, the Store, and Operations 1-3, then subtracting my known Iron expenditures. What I was left with was a provable ~1000 Iron deficit which I guess was enough proof because a few days later I had her back.

Or they just got tired of dealing with me and all my numbers and were like “Here take the skin, just leave me alone.”

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So make enough noise an keep pestering TC for free skins is the takeaway here?

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I meannnnn. :man_shrugging: My numbers did actually add up to missing Iron so I’m assuming they went back and confirmed that first lol. Since for whatever reason they couldn’t actually see the CS Myrrah purchase directly.

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I am scared because I have a receipt of the iron I pay for but not for the items I buy with the iron. I think this could be a good feature. Email receipts for items bought with iron sent to your game client or gamertag email.


Yeah that’s the problem. We can see our Iron purchases via Microsoft but not what we spent the Iron on. So it’s kind of their word against ours.

If they say they can’t see that you ever owned CS Kantus, then there’s nothing you can do.

Make a 30 sec clip of your purchase or take a screenshot in the customization-menu in the future.

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They replied + acted fast.
They put the skin back in my account.
I was told its was “an update error”.