Anyone miss the Living Weapons in previous games?

Hi. What interested me about the Locust was their weapons. The Ink Grenade, Digger, Nemacysts, they created actual living weapons.

For instance, the Digger projectile is a little creature that is attached to an explosive and shot out of a modified Booshka if I am correct, probably not.

The Ink Grenade is a little critter chained to the end of a grenade and thrown at people to ink everywhere.
Nemacysts are literal living ballistic missiles.

The Swarm are interesting and all but they didn’t have the interesting art style, and downright disturbing lore.


I like so many of the different gears weapons but I’m glad they get switched up. I enjoy needing to learn new weapons in each game.


True. I do too.
Although I am only saying I just miss the concepts of living organic weapons. The swarm could possibly have such kinds of weapons. Maybe a gun that launches teeth instead of bullets, a sort of nail gun.

I agree about weapons like the Digger. It was one of my favorites in Gears 3. The fact they were living weapons made them unique.

Well it’s good to switch it up every now and then like with the Drop Shot

True. Drop Shot is my favorite new weapon introduced in GoW4. Torque Bow is still my overall fave, has been since GoW1.

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The way gears 5 is looking, I’m expecting some interesting cybergorganic weaponry. Hopefully TC isn’t all about mechanical stuff, which they clearly were in Gears 4.

The one thing I missed in #4 was that there was no real feel that some weapons belonged to one side or the other (which is understandable, given the story line). There was something cool about having a distinct feel between good guy weapons and bad guy ones in previous gears games.

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i hit a blind t bow quad and it was the proudest day of my life

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I did enjoy the living weapons. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the robots in Gears 4. I didn’t like the feel of them in the game as much, but it’s cool to try new stuff. Especially new weapons.

Tickers were my favorite.

The Locust basically strapped bombs to Sera’s version of a raccoon. (trash collecting, opportunistic, thieving wild animal)

The shock grenade is my favorite new addition to the Gears series though. It does what a smoke grenade should have done all along.

I love the weapon selection in 4, including preferring Dropshot over Digger, at least gameplay wise.

But in terms of visual interest I much prefer the oddballs of the past like the Digger, inks, and Tickers. We don’t see Nemacysts, but 4 has Carriers and their little flying Cankers which I personally love.