Anyone miss the Hammer of Dawn?

Popped on Gears 3 yesterday after not playing since the UE beta, forgot how nice the Hammer was, any other opinions?


Yes I do. Was very fun for milking in GoW2 Guardian. It’s also just a sick weapon to make new players say “wow awesome”

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Blew my mind, granted I was younger then. haha.

I really really miss the mortor… especially in koth… wiping out the whole team capping the ring was the best.


Indeed I do, very fun weapon to use.

I also miss the Mortar, launching a mortar strike on th map and turn your oppoenents into scattered meat.


Lol, great minds think alike

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The Hammer was a signature Gears weapon…but obviously they took it out because…TC!


I miss many of the weapons, luckily I still get to use them on koth daily on Gears 3 :slight_smile:
I think we will get some returning favs in Gears 5, as well as new of course.

Yup. I miss the nerd spots on Jacinto in GoW2.

missing HAMMER and MORTAR.

I miss the blindfire mortars from Gears 2 if anyone remembers how you could lob them in the air and actually nail people at times. Hilarious.


To be fair in the story those hammer “satellites” are destroyed right? That’s why it’s not in the game. I know it’s just a way for them to say “we don’t want it in this game”, but at least they made it relevant to the story.

The satellites are not destroyed but rather broken probably by the tine Gears 4 begins due to lack of maintainence and repair. Plus the targeting wepon seem to have vanished too.

In Gears 3, some satellites was able to triggered but as Hoffman said the accuracy was knackered.

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I wonder why we still have the Hammer of Dawn in Horde Mode, in the form of Soldier’s Strike card.
Maybe it’s a hint that they are still operational or that we could still see them possibly in Gears 5.
But I do miss using it in my hands though.
At least the game offered us a chance to use it in the Prologue Campaign and it still had its unique execution.

Multiplayer is generally non canon whether its pvp or pve, you can tell by the boost cards like health, speed, xray etc. Though the monsters and weapons are canon, i dknt see hammer satellite is functional lore wise.

Also remember Hammer of Dawn was featured in the Prologue. They just reused the Hammer strike animation as a strike card for the soldier.

I want the hammer of dawn, mortar, scorcher and hell even the boomshield back. I don’t know why TC removed so many great weapons from this game.

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perhaps they wanted to introduce their own weapons but also replace some ones we’re already familar with.

Not a fan of the new weapons at all. I’d rather have the older ones they removed back.

Who knows, they may bring some back kind of like how some maps make it back and others don’t, only to come back the next game.

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I hope they bring all them back, whilst introducing some new ones. Weapon variety is nice imo.