Anyone Lost Stars before?

I’m rank general and was 1 star away from completing the Tour of Duty as a whole. The last thing I completed was getting 250 horde waves medal along with an objective challenge for killing 40 drones. After I finished the horde match, sometimes challenges and medals don’t load when I’m in the menus, and I was unable to view them.
I decide to play quick play because I was about 4000 experience away from unlocking the Warden character, I was seconds away from winning a King of the Hill match, when I lost connection. I was already upset because the game was almost finished and was seconds away from winning. I checked my Tour of Duty and noticed the stars from the 250 waves of horde medal wasn’t counted towards my progress, even though the objective stars were. It shows I completed the medal so I’m not sure why my stars weren’t counted towards my progress. The only thing I can think of is an issue when everything wasn’t loading in My Tour.

I even have proof! When I pull up my last match, it shows me with 1 star left, but when I check My Tour, it doesn’t!


All the stars for the general rank don’t/can’t fit on that screen you showed.

I completed the tour yesterday, and there are 7 additional stars that don’t get displayed in the post match results.

Open your tour of duty menu on the main menu and you’ll see the real amount of stars you have left.


Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

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Because there are actually 25 stars. The row of 5 stars at the bottom isn’t showing on the screen.