Anyone knows how to complete veteran hivebuster medal?

So this medal says “escape 15 hives with each Keegan, Mac and Lahni”. All of my characters are 14+ lvl, Keegan is 16.
I’m more than sure that something is wrong and it simply doesn’t count all the hives that I’ve completed. Did anyone get this medal? Please help.

I did. And it worked for me. 15 runs with Keegan, 15 runs with Lahni and 15 runs with Mac… It just sounds like its a few runs… But its allot. You might have some more run with one or two of the characters. Lvl can be achived without completing the hive escape.

Yeah that’s weird-it would be tough to get all your characters 14+ without completing 15 runs with them. Maybe some didn’t register or you did them while all the stats for gears 5 were all over the place and not registering. Either way you must have a few successful runs to do with each character