Anyone know why the switch development teams

Does anyone know why they don’t have tried and true epic games make gears anymore?Just out of the loop on that.Just seems like the scenario with call of duty with treyarch developing it.Cant stand the black ops games,and don’t make it a race thing lol.
Thanks in advance for enlightening me.

Epic Games sold the rights of he Gears of War franchise to Microsoft, then hired the Coalition team to make the sequels…

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I guess I always thought epic games were somehow owned Microsoft because it was xbox exclusive

Epic retained the IP rights during Gears development. They were facing increasing development costs with each sucessivr game that made the franchise look like it would barely break even and potentially post a loss if they kept developing it. So they sold the IP to microsoft who gave it to one of their studios black tusk. MS rehired Rod to lead the studio and renamed the studio to The Coalition

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