Anyone know when the update goes live today,

Title says it all… Sorry if i missed the information on it.

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What update?

But usually things have cycled in at around 4 PM CET in Op 4 which is in around 30 minutes. At least Escape hives have. Not 100% sure on the store or Versus events.

It’s been cycled as of now. Well, the Mist is available as Escape map now.

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Those who are wondering, game is still trash,


Ok, thanks all!

Store updates 19:00 CET. Or at least it did, now we have wintertime and I don’t know if that changes things and it’s 18:00 now?

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I just turned it on and got an update. Not a big one, 897 mb. This is on PC, though, Xbox app. Don’t know what’s happening with Xbox console.

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Same story here, but 734 MB.

Escape times are still bad and it says “Social manager is having issues getting updates at this time please try again in a few minutes”

So they’re working on the kicking it looks like and not the escape times


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You can kick people thank ■■■■■■■ God.

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Are you sure you can???

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Last weekend nothing about the social manager worked so hopefully something is getting fixed

Update’s already live.