Anyone know what happened?

First time it happen… game freeze about 1 min then crashes… it suspended in task manager… :frowning:

I think the game crashed

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lol i just want to know why, what’s the reason of this crash, to find a way to fix if i can :frowning:

It freezes and crashes to the dashboard on xbox too.

I think the reason is “rushed game has way too many patches.”

McDonalds short order cooks trying to run a top Michelin rated kitchen.


Yep. Clearly some very poor virtual function. I mean even the game itself knows it’s bad

so … not my pc has problem? ok at least i can feel better now :slight_smile:

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I don’t know the reason behind it either OP but something similar happened to me 2 days ago

Why does it happen often ? Crashes happen.
Could be coding, could be your machine ran out of memory. Seems Gears 5 has a bit of a memory leak.