Anyone know the server ticc rate of gears 5?

Hey, Just wondering ,To my “feel” the ticc rate of the server in hz seems like 12 - 16hz, This is insanely bad.Surely I am missing something or some special tweak to fix this, timing is way off I can hit someone point plank with the gnasher for 13 damage x3 if I fire while ads, but if I ads and fire say after they roll, when they stand - it will do 85 damage. Oh, and if someone is seriously lagging doing the same to me they never get “unlucky” and tag 13s point blank.Honestly curious, this cant be how everyone experiances gears 5?Its not a ping issue, I am usually less than 10 ping. Opened nat for gears aswell…


I think it was stated by TC pre-launch the servers in Gears 5 would be 60hz but I don’t remember where this was stated again so take it with a grain of salt.

Thank you, I know the hit detection cant be 60hz unfortunately, Pubg has a horrific tick rate , and it makes Gears 5s hit detection look bad.I vaugely remember a dev video speaking of how great gears has been optomized, to only require a 2 - 12 dynamic ticcrate or something…Maybe that is why the game feals broken and like arcade spammish, Like morrowind, Identical hits doing different numbers…


Theres your problem. Add 50 to this number and the game starts feeling ok.


They did say before release that servers would have 60hz tickrate, but it plays so badly most of the time, it would not suprise me if you are correct. We have had crazier theories.

Just for fun…I would speculate that they have a dynamic tick rate that goes down the lower your ping.

Now thats not going to be remotely true, but man would it explain how the game plays 99% of the time.

I saw a clip made by digital foundry team but I don’t remember if it was related to GoW 4 or G5. They had some testing tools and they got 50-55 hz tickrate. It will never be the constant value as it is impossible to maintain that value due to large amount of interfering processes that can occur on server.

I would speculate that tickrate could be automatically adjusted to the player with lowest frame rate, but that’s almost impossible to implement it.

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They’re 60Hz Tickrate Servers.

Thanks for the replys guys, Good to hear im not alone in my thoughts on this, Genuinely shocked that they arent listening to the community - There might be weight to hitt detection being dynamic, based on the latency difference between the players (fps+ping).That would explain a lott, who’d have thought gears would use a communist style approach favouring the technological underdogs with boosts.I know there aree people playing on 30, 60 , and unlocked framerates, some on ssd, some on mechanical drives, some on fibre, some on dial up- and some apparantly on the moon to earth grade of ping… Maybe ping based MM should be a thing and delete this plauge of dynamic hit detection from the code, millions will thank you @TheCoalition
Edit:I am going to try and limit Gears upload and download through my motherboads “Turbo Lan” App, Someone above suggested my ping was too low(yeah the ludocrousness) for gears to let me hit people … If this works I will report back…

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How does server tick rate impact game play rate as perceived by the player, if at all? I ask because there are so many times, especially during intense fights to take or defend a hill in KOTH, where the game appears to be rendering 10 or fewer frames per second on my screen. I wonder if this is because my Xbox One original doesn’t have the computing resources, or if it’s because there’s no info coming from the server for my xbox to use to render frames.