Anyone know if gridiron is on the versus ai mode?

Just wanting to ask to find out.


Only PVP.

I should add…I haven’t played that in months. AI that is. It’s in ranked and quick play though.

If it’s been added, I apologize.

Ah ok, it just I cannot find any good teammates on this mode. Every other mode is fine, but this one is terrible and I’m supposed to get I think 200 kills with a lancer. Wtf man.

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And it takes more lancering to kill in this mode too.

Is health different or bullets damage less?

TC in their infinite wisdom requires more lancer damage when down than any other mode.

You can down em about the same, but when they are down it takes longer to lancer them on the ground cause they made it Escalation rules in that regard… quoting Dana on that last part of course.

I’m more the gnasher player tbh, but I got my spike (that the referred medal is for) when Gridiron wasn’t even Ranked yet lol… the easy way it was for me to get em done was to still use my gnasher, but only to down, then chainsaw em lol also the fact that it’s Elims not Kills helps as well, I’d fire a few shots at someone when my teammate was gnasher battling and hope my teammate won.

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Makes sense for one life game mode I guess. Thanks replies will use this info.

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If you want to play only with the AI, go to Versus -> Custom -> Online Game or LAN Game, after that go to options, select if you want AI and their difficulty, I tried it playing it offline using LAN Game option and it works.

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But what if I want to play with 4 non A.I. player VS 5 A.I. player!? :thinking:

Custom -> Online Game, block slots you want and open the lobby I guess…