Anyone know anything about GEARS OF WAR 5 ?!

So, I have been playing GOW since GOW1 back in the day… Always loved the game and noticed that GOW4 has not came out with any new maps. I still play and love the game. It is awesome. Big fan, but I have been seeing this GOW5 stuff around, but got no information on it. Does anyone know anything about it? Im curious LOL!

Well, I have reliable sources that tell me it will follow conventional nomenclature, so there’s a good chance it will be called Gears of War 5…

Gears of War 4 came out with no new Maps?
I don’t think you’ve played Gears of War 4 yet…

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No new maps except for the 12 “new” maps (And I use the word new in a very loose manner lol)

I’m sure something official will be announced in a week or 2 at e3

Not really interested on a new gears game.

Walmart recently speculated its release date, I’ve heard.

i think you guys got the post confused or a misscommunication. I have season pass so i have all the “12” new maps you guys referring too, but when was the last time we had new new maps come out ?

the only sure thing about Gears 5 is nothing is for sure

Some things we know for definite.
Like the Campaign is supposed to continue off from Gears 4…

Gears 5 info may be revealed during E3, there’s been no marketing/hype for Gears 5 as of yet in the run up to E3.

Hope they take their time with it and try and get it right. Won’t bother me at all if it doesn’t come out til late 2019/2020


Getting it right

Good one :laughing:

Haha. While I think I have a good head on my shoulders I’ve been known to be a bit naive sometimes

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I don’t think it’s Gears 5, I think it’ll be a spin-off of some kind.

At best we will only get a teaser of some kind for Gears 5 but definitely a spin off imo. I feel Uzil Skraak going to take a prominent role, I mean they wouldn’t have added him to Gears 4 for no reason.

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Hadn’t thought of that. I wouldn’t mind them fleshing out the world of Gears a bit more, especially if it means returning to Locust/Human era.

Lowkey going to be a bit disappointed if it’s a Pendulum Wars game. Human on human is just so… boring.

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Wouldn’t be so bad if we got a game like Raam’s shadow. Have us swap between factions every so often. Have Locust vs Lambent for part of it, then COG vs UIR for other parts. Could also end up being Locust VS UIR and see E-day for the UIR that didn’t fall to the COG. Could also create a lot of assets that could be put into Gears 5 in the future to give more enemy variety in Horde.

Few more days as we will find out possibly…still think it’s too early to have a teaser still though