Anyone know about ranked in OP5

Anyone know the status of ranked modes in OP5?

I kind of want to play guardian on ranked with my friends…

Or any word on TDM? My hopes for TDM aren’t that high. If I can’t have TDM I’d hope to have guardian to play with my friends.

TDM was chill but up into the point where I have multiple friends wanting to play & me wanting to play with them…

King of the hill is fine.

FFA is fine.


Fake on-topic: Wouldn’t surprise me if TC had a ranked Guardian mode that was 3 v 3, with only a single two-stack per team allowed, and the Guardian character skins for each side were flipped, so two COG protecting a Swarm and two Swarm protecting a COG.

There will be hundreds of forum posts about it, and on the following stream, Dana will say it is working as intended.

Real on topic: No, I haven’t heard anything


Guardian and FFA are not made for ranked, these modes are way too casual.
TC needs to reduce the ranked modes to even find a match with acceptable ping and equal ranks due to the low population.

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I’m sure Op 5 will be cool. Too bad the Gears 5 player base will total about 50 players by the time it is released.


Not Garbion, please no Garbion.

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I find FFA to be the only fun mode^, it’s fits the chaotic state of versus perfectly.


FFA isn’t a ranked mode?

That’s a reach.

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TDM is very casual too.

At least I’m this state.

I think gaurdian would be more competitive than TDM.

TDM used to be my mode. Now it’s so casual i lost interest.

Hopefully they put guardian in ranked.

But i think everyone will be a jinn bot or a speaker and will be unable to change characters but everyone can use the spot ability and when the spawns swap all that will happen is u will just swap teams.

Unknown bug while QA were testing.

This ops ranked modes have been a bit of a let down in my eyes.


nobody knows

we’ll probably get info 1-2 days before it goes live.


I stopped taking this ranking system when i saw an onyx 2 player UNIRONICALLY camp with lancer/retro combo.

This dude literally got carried to his current rank. If some noob was lucky enough, they could theoretically get diamond.

Meanwhile me and other previous masters players who i remember from the past are stuck in onyx.


Squad up, it’s easy for masters , you can get outta Onyx I believe in you.

But yeah, I’ve carried a lot of people to diamond. I know what you mean.

I can’t play with grinders anymore because I’m master & I just fight super sweats. So I’m just chillin… for now until op5…

I mean I can but if we lose they get all mad that we fight masters & im like… sorry…

They eventually go back down though.


I know it’s been over so many times but can we have full teams back in ranked TDM?!

I usually play this with 3 of my friends, we have had to put up with KOTH for weeks now and we hate it, so we are thinking of stopping playing altogether.

I know full teams can play in social but it’s not the same, too casual, too easy with nothing riding on it.


I feel like with how Dana talked about Gridiron a couple streams ago with it’s popularity, I can see Guardian and Gridiron swapping places.

As in Guardian Ranked, Gridiron stand alone quickplay.

I do like Gridiron 2ndary, but I’m always playing Guardian lol so I’m all for Guardian being Ranked regardless. IF I was right I can see me still mainly just playing Guardian, but then when I don’t feel like sweating, like Ranked is, then playing a couple games of social Gridiron lol.


Guardian casual? You are entitled to your opinion however ludicrous it may be.

Long Live Guardian!!!


I thought the same lol takes strat to keep yours alive, to be able to get the other leader when they got him well protected, ect.

But like you said, to each their own.

I did think more about it though, I do want them to add it to ranked, but I also hope they are smart with how they do the GP if they do. Yea GP for Elims obviously, but there should also be bonus GP for killing leader(more than normal elim) and staying alive as leader… also maybe even lose GP when you die as leader.

I can’t really see them implementing all of that, but they really should IMO

Edit: ya actually remove either extra for staying alive as leader or losing if you die as leader, just realized that cancels itself out lol so just have one or the other.


I agree with getting more for taking out the leader,

Long Live Guardian!!!


Red “the gardian king” hulk :joy:


Just doin my part🖖🏻

Long Live Guardian!!!