Anyone in the Uk experiencing connection issues right now?

Tuesday 15th Sep 8.15pm. Trying to do the new hive. I am getting the packet loss and wifi symbols constantly. This is, in fact, the worst connection I have ever experienced in Gears 5. I have no updates in progress, and none of my other devices are downloading anything. So I am wondering if this is affecting anyone else right now.

I’m from the UK and that’s very common for me in Versus. I’ve opened all the necessary ports and have a stable connection with 0% packet loss and an Open NAT yet still experience occasional lag with the packet loss symbol flashing. The WiFi symbol is less common but I’ve still seen it.

This is during matches where I have a low ping as well, so it all makes little sense.

Ironically, I tried Gears 4 a fortnight ago and experienced no lag whatsoever in 3 ranked matches.


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I’m getting the same problems than OP since the last Operation.

I’m on Germany and usually play with mexicans so I always have lag, but now it’s worse. I have problems on horde and escape too

I am just playing as Jack or with characters that aren’t snipers because of this. I don’t have this problem everyday, but it appears commonly at the same time that OP posted.

Connection always seems to be up and down in the U.K.

I’m a hell of a lot better when I wire my connection up though

The game has been unplayable for nearly a week now for me because of lag, problem seems to be getting worse and worse

Can confirm this as accurate

When I test my net I else see ‘up’ and ‘down’


100% . It’s literally unplayable most of the time. every time I play I never have a ping below 100 and always seem to be in US servers.
I feel like the player base is just getting smaller and smaller because of issues like this and when you can’t play a game properly because only half the lobby have a decent ping then what’s the point, may as well find something else to play.
Probably why the UK has such bad ping, issues, most gears players have probably give up due to the state of the game and due to the lack of players it’s putting us in servers that are nowhere near us.
Gears has been my favourite game since gears 1 but at this rate I don’t see a very bright future for gears, not multiplayer wise anyway