Anyone in need of "Nothing, but Bits" Achievement?

I’m in need of, Covering Fire, so we can join force. I’m in EST timezone and usually play evenings after 6pm on weekdays, and typically very flexible on weekends.

Today and tomorrow, it’s wide open.

If you are interested, leave your GT, when you are available and I will add you.

I would be trying to get those if those final 4 versus achievement weren’t bugged. I’d be boosting kills rn but progress on them have been stuck for like 18 months now.

I’ve been seeing progress on mine. Wouldn’t hurt to try if you are up for it?

We can stop and check so you aren’t going for a long time and not getting credit for it. I’m having major problems finding people that want to do this so this is basically my last bastion of hope. :cry:

I’m sorry man I have no motivation to attempt boosting for those final achievements until TC does an update to fix the tracking on them. I have played the game plenty enough to have way more than progress than it’s showing here. Just seems like a waste of time not seeing a sliver of progress.

They recently did one for those who didn’t have Seriously 5.0 part 2 even though they had all the requirements.

I know I have more than 12.5k assists for sure. And those numbers haven’t moved a single INCH since like late 2020 maybe earlier than that.

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully TC will fix it for you!

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If and when they do I’ll be able to finally make progress towards 100%ing this game.

I just run private matches on blood drive, lock most of the slots on my team, KOTH, max score, respawn timer down to 5 sec, weapon respawns after pickup, headshot grenades, swap boltok, Longshot and embar to relic retro lancer, sit in the middle of the map and mow everything down.

I’m averaging about 350kills per match so the bar moves up 1% every 3 matches.

I need this if you still need this achievment. We can help each other