Anyone here ever seen

Someone glitching out of a map? I don’t have any video evidence of it happening, however I just played a very suspect game.

(Long post incoming)

Guardian on Bunker. The enemy team kept spawning up in the bunker, by the cover in the back where the three paths meet (the middle, and the two from the hills.) I did some testing, and your team can only spawn there if the leader is in any of those three paths that I mentioned, or the box itself.

Now, the reason I think something was very fishy is because despite my team controlling that whole bunker area, three enemies spawned right on my leader who was sat on that back cover. This happened in the first round and continued throughout majority of the match. In every round we lost we never had eyes on the leader a single time. Never spotted, never downed, no one ever had eyes on him… yet they continued to spawn on us.

The second reason: in round 2, we managed to take out the leader and three other goons right off the bat. However… my entire team could not find the last guy for the rest of the NINE minute round. Again… no one saw or spotted him, and leader couldn’t find him on the overhead map. He was also playing as the Warden so you could hear him from across the world. We searched, and searched, tossed smokes/flashes yet nothing. This guy was also the leader on in round 1, which made it even more sketchy.

Any explanation for this BS?

I havent seen someone get out the map since Gears 1. But that being said I wouldnt put it past Gears 5. With all the problems this game has why wouldnt this be one of them lol


Gears 2 was rife with map glitching, especially playing guardian. It came to a point where most games it was a rush to kill their leader before they could glitch out. Gears 4 also had the odd glitcher thanks to exploit theory but it was rare.

Also to the OP, I haven’t seen anyone glitch out of the map yet as Gears 5 is better than previous games because they use an invisible barrier instead of each object having it’s own mesh as it’s barrier. Next time try to get a video and watch pings. Having high latency in all of TC’s games has made glitching much easier.


Honestly, I played so much Guardian in Gears 2. I don’t ever recall seeing this, after they patched the smoke knockdowns out. Was it still a thing after that?

In G4 avalanche map u could go under the map if u were downed and the avalanche was started they patched it

Sadly it did happen relatively often.

Rag doll smokes and kung-fu flipping were the common ways to glitch out, however there was still a method after they were patched. How it was done I’m not sure, but I definitely did see it a couple of times.

after this was a constant problem Epic created what they called kill barriers where any time a player crossed the boundaries of the map it would auto gib you.

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But the Kung-fu flip wasn’t in Gears 2, was it?

My goodness, I forgot all about the Boomshield glitches. You just sent me on a flashback journey.

Thank you, genuinely.