Anyone heard of The Hive Overclocked

Has anyone heard of it? I was searching for master escape and saw Overclocked as the map. Description said need to test. Tried to join but was too late. Wonder if it’s a future map.

All 6 OP3 hives were released for private play initially, and apparently there is a way (exploit) to have them unlock.

I can’t remember if this was a name of one of the new ones but it does sound familiar.


It’s not. Last two are Melee Brawl and Corruption.

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Thank you.

I wonder what the hive is then. It is a Mike Tyson mstery.

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Yea wish I had seen it a bit sooner and joined.

I can tell you with 99% certainty what this is - a custom/player made hive. Did it have a thumbnail next to it? Because for player hives they are usually blank/black unlike TC hives released in matchmaking. There is no TC hive called Overclocked in the map builder, so that rules that out too.


I think you’re right.

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OT but did anyone figure out how to recreate Horde 1.0 in Escape? Some guy made a thread about it a while back. I tried to make my own but it was pretty tough since I had no continuous resources.

Yes just a custom build map from a player.
You see those from time to time.


Now I feel silly, should have guessed that.


I never play public but was bored and wanted to run some master with some randoms. I didn’t know those maps could be ran there. Lol. I feel dumb.

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It depends what monsters you want to spawn :smile:
If someone figured out how to spawn wretches and locust drones, if it allows 5 players and dizzy is playable, I want to know how :grinning:.



But if you want to recreate horde 1.0 in escape. you can make something that works horde-like.


  1. No venom or very slow.
  2. 50 chapters.
  3. Every 10 chapters have similar aggression rules.
  4. Every safe room works as it’s own split wave time.
  5. Every weapons and ammo boxes are to your desire.
  6. Use only that mutators that will bring it horde related as possible.

If I find some time, I’ll do something similar to it and publish it here.


Thank you for the advice!

Of course remember, no cards allowed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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