Anyone having trouble with game pass ultimate and gears 5 ultimate

I know I am for sure. My game pass app says I own gears 5 ultimate but it downloaded gears 5 standard. Even tech support at mircosoft said I have gears 5 ultimate. Standard version is 55 gb’s , gears 5 ultimate is 58 gb’s. It said downloading ultimate but it gave me the standard instead.

There is no separate game download for Ultimate. It’s the same game file and the extras download separately.

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I wish they were more clear about this in a way. Gonna play on game pass till I get enough money saved. Why are there two prices.

59.99 & 79.99

Because, 59.99 is just the base game, if you get that one then you have to wait until the 10th to play and you lose out on all the extra goodies. If you get the 79.99 one then you get early access and all the extra goodies.

The great thing about Game Pass Ultimate is that you get the ultimate version of the game and if you act fast, you might be able to catch the promo and get it for $2. If you only have Game Pass (9.99/month), then you still have to wait until Tuesday to play.

If you play by the 16th (I believe) you still get the Terminator pack. The 79.99 was just the Halo characters and skins

There was a deal running with Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 for three months. I don’t know if it’s still going but that’s how I got my ticket to play early until I can buy the game outright.

I got it. 79.99 one. When I downloaded the 79.99 one it downloaded the 59.99 standard then it updated next day it gave me the correct version. I wasn’t the only one having issues with it.

You asked why there were two versions… Standard and Ultimate. Why did Game Pass download the wrong one, I dunno, maybe it was the first time Game Pass offered Ultimate Edition games?

It was kinda of the beginning of server problems with wrong game downloaded. Even Microsoft said it when gears 5 was being put out. Everything wasn’t working right.