Anyone having issues with the new Nvidia drivers for Gears?

436.15 works perfectly fine; no issues at all with anything. 436.30 / 436.48 have issues for me.

The issues I’m experiencing aren’t with Gears per se, as the issue I’m having involves the Xbox App / Game Bar.

When I join a new game, leave a game, start a game, etc, etc. My parties start connecting. Everything goes silent.

My PC freezes up. If I’m watching a video, stream, listening to music, the audio stops / stutters for 5 / 10 seconds.

Now, the fix might seem obvious; revert back to 436.15. Issue is, after any content update, my games FPS drops.

I can a get consistent 120FPS + easily, but when that FPS glitch happens, I get 50-60FPS, an it stutters down to 10.

I’d really love to know if there’s a fix other than reinstalling the driver each time an update comes out. Thanks!

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If something works,why change it?

If you’re referring to me changing my driver:

EDIT: I just checked, and it’s only Gears 5 that makes me disconnect. Played Witcher 3, and works great!

If anyone has a fix, please, please let me know. This is VERY frustrating.

I’ve had the same issue. I’m on pc and happened to get a new 144hz monitor the same day I updated drivers and they released new update so it’s hard to find where the problem is coming from. I use a controller and at 60fps I have no problems. If I switch it to 90, 120 or 144 my right stick tends to drift and my button don’t register which feels like a stutter.