Anyone have the series 2 elite controller?

I got it at launch and read about some problems users were experiencing. I felt my buttons could be more responsive. So i exchanged it recently at the Microsoft store. On the replacement though I’m experiencing something strange with the triggers. My pop shots just end up aiming so sharply in the direction I’m aiming sometimes. It’s quite noticeable with the torque - revving it without aiming (blind fire) and then quickly aiming when i see a target in the distance. Although my aim was on pace to hit the target, as soon as i hit the triggers to aim and shoot, the aim just goes way too far.
As far as i can recall i didn’t experience this with my first series 2 controller. Just checking to see if anyone else knows what’s going on? Is it a thing with the aiming settings? I’m kind of dreading going to replace it again.

I’ve not experienced any issues tbh,

I would check what settings you have the trigger stops on and also what sensitivity you have for them too.

Can you explain more? I’ve not used any of the fancy features. I just like the premium feel and responsiveness. How would i go about doing what you’ve suggested? Thanks.

Everything you can adjust software wise like trigger sensitively can be found on the Xbox accessories app, although if you’ve only played with each out the box they shouldn’t have any differences.

I had to send mine back cause RB was double tapping, so half my reloads were insta jams, real annoying.

Done ok outa it tho, when sending it back they only wanted the unit, all sticks n paddles removed etc but what I got back was a fully loaded pad, so free spare everything’s! But most importantly I now have a pair of thumbsticks. WTF was up with them thinking they know best an ship it with a convex an a concave, it’s £160 gimme the damn choice and include pairs like the previous elite, tards lol

Sorry I can’t be much help

I’ve had mine since launch and it’s been solid. I did tighten the sticks all the way and I generally play with the left trigger on default and right with the first trigger lock. Otherwise, I leave everything stock and don’t use any paddles.

No issues with mine

Somebody give me some tips how make LAST LONGER my xbox-one gamepads lol

1.- i buy “Gummies joystick protectors”
2.- I clean with alchool 2 times per week my joystick with a “semi wet” glasses-cloth
3.- I never play with my hands dirty or anything like that

XBOX-One normal gamepads or XBOX-ELITE gamepads dont last on my hands more than 6 months playing gears 60 to 90 minutes per day is so sad

You’re obviously gripping too tightly. I’ve gone through 3 controllers in life 5 or 6 years, and those “issues” that I’d had were definitely anger related.
The current controller is probably over 2 years old and there’s only a bit of the rubber on the stick that’s missing from wear.

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To be fair if he used the original Elite those did break fairly easily. I went through 12 of them with at least 6 of them having loose detached sticks from the factory. Bad quality control and I baby my stuff.

İ m using first time elite controller and have series 2
While i was playing
Gears5. Every setting on gears is default
But when i pick up a weapon or reviving someone , it doesn’t matter which gun i am holding is shoting itself
Other problem is RT button keep freezing when i press it to hit the enemy character nothing come out
I don’t know why

There is a one year warranty with MS. If you are still having issues you can get a replacement.

The paddle buttons suffer from the same problems as the series 1’s did, just takes longer to get there… I use upper right as X in classic alt - so run/roll - I’m pressing that almost non-stop… The button is getter more and squished in, so it’s requiring more and more force on the paddle to make contact… I had this same problem with series 1 elites - the buttons on the series 2 ARE better, it took longer to get to this point, but the underlying issue is still there…

I frequently feel like paddle input doesn’t register, and I have to press again (not just on this worn paddle, but others too)…

Triggers and bumbers are fine, no issues…

I wouldn’t use Gears 5 to evaluate the issues in your controller. There’s something really off about the trigger response in this game, especially in relation to movement mechanics. I’ve observed it on controller and mouse. It feels delayed like a Rockstar game at times.



I have had the normal triggers fail to respond with Gears 5. The game just fails to recognize inputs for some reason.


Only disappointments so far with the Series 2 are (1) I wish you could crank the tension up even higher on the sticks, and (2) my bottom left paddle is a little loose/wobbly, I guess from overuse (this is the paddle I have movement mapped to, so I’m constantly smashing it).

Whatever the issues with the Elite (1 or 2), it’s still by far and away the best controller I’ve ever used, and I couldn’t imagine ever going back to the standard controller.

Or falsely recognize inputs making you roll in the wrong direction. Or double controller inputs when you only pressed a button once(this only happens with the A button in my experience, in menus, and only a minor and not controller related issue as it does not occur in any other game, but still annoying when you unintentionally create a lobby because of this and as such end up going through the same menus you just passed through again because exiting a lobby doesn’t bring you back to the lobby browser menus right away).

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What do you guys think about the bumpers responsiveness? I’ve almost given up on active reloading because it never picks up my rb press. It has crossed my mind that it’s a problem with the game rather than the controller.

Holding down the triggers has caused my aim to get all wonky. Are we saying that’s a gears 5 problem then?

In my case it is. Other games, including Gears 4,have a more snappy response. I actually thought my Xbox had an issue because this game has erratic frame times. That’s something most people won’t notice but when I play on my pc I lock games into super consistent frame delivery. So, when something is off, it’s very jarring for me. Thought it was just me but friends have noticed it happening at the same time when we play.

It sometimes feels like the game registers input whenever it feels like it. I think this is partially from prioritizing animations over response. I really haven’t spent enough time analyzing it to figure out where the hitch is. I just know it feels bad.

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very big waste of money.

Nope, got the first one but always use my kait controller