Anyone had trouble watching tonight's Wednesday night fight

It was really bad lagging while watching most times it cuts off and or locks up when your trying to enter drawings. I gave up on it. It kept on saying unsecured site blocked.

FWIW, I didn’t have trouble on my end. Although I was at work and didn’t really get to watch it so just grabbed the skin and entered 1 drawing.

After 45 mins of frustration I just have up on it.

The Mixer stream was horrific for me, but the Twitch one was perfect

I even tried that also no go.

There is always something wrong with the streams, one would think a AAA developer would’ve learnt by now but nope. The moderator Grexoz does his best but it’s a losing battle when it seems the team is sabotaging themselves.

I know esports and developer streams are two different teams yet still they manage to have problems with both (did someone said skins?).

Firefox still doesn’t have a functional chat option (they acknowledged it several weeks ago and promised a fix) so I had to use Chrome, the stream was lagging badly on Mixer (every 5 seconds) and after several minutes someone said to try it on Twitch which worked better-ish (I usually have quality problems with twitch).

It worked decently after that, too bad Ghost Gaming made a joke of themselves (again). Its not even funny when Optic wins so fast (7-1 / 7-0).

Big event coming soon, hopefully we won’t have audio / video / bandwidth / skins and whatever else that might go wrong, go wrong again.