Anyone got a Silver Gnasher?

And again, how to get one?
Yeah, I dig those Silver skins, got almost all of them except Gnasher (Embar, Marktza and Overkill missing too but less important).

If i can remember correctly you had to rank in escalation to get the gnasher in season 1.

TC changed the requirements. Now all you have to do is reach silver in any ranked mode; however, they only give out a portion each season, and I don’t think the gnasher is in the group this time.

Silver gnasher is for Silver in TDM last season. To get it after this season is over, just get Silver in any mode.

Thanks for all replies, you know what, I just got it finally. The Silver Gnasher. Kinda, it’s still raining the previous season skins. Got the other rankings a days ago…

Do you know what weapons were given out for Execution in Season 3? I only hit Silver, so I’m not too bothered, just couldn’t remember.

Boltok and hammerburst for Exe. Full list here:



Thank you.

Where can you see this

I actually can’t find the link to the website page anymore. Seems like it’s been taken down or modified. The picture I posted is from a screenshot I saved.

I rearly played in last season. I was at gold rank in tdm and at silver in escalation. I received gold and silver both skins for gnasher, retro, tourque bow.

I didn’t try other mode.