Anyone getting the Gears of War 5 console package?

Anyone getting it? I’m confused. Only microsoft is selling it as I was looking around. It would arrive to my place, free shipping, etc. But, would I have access to the game before the console arrives or no? That’s my big question. Whoever buys the console package has to wait for it to arrive in the mail, not getting access to the game 4 days earlier like Everyone else? Please help.

Amazon, GameStop, Microsoft, and likely others are selling it.

If you don’t have game pass ultimate, chances are you will lose out on the early play times. From what I can tell Amazon doesn’t promise delivery until sometime the next week.

Purchased at gamestop. Word is i’ll get a call on the 4th to pick up on the 5th in the a.m.

I was going to order online but Amazon wanted to charge more $ for a delivery with the possibility it could have not reached me on time.

I live in Hawaii and shipping is always weird for us.

I also got the GPU preloaded because, well… Just in case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have game pass, but my question is if one orders the console, the console comes with the game and everything else obviously, and one would lose the opportunity to play the game earlier than others just for wanting the limited edition console??? How does that work?

If there is no console then you can’t play.
If the company can’t deliver it on time then you can’t play its that simple.

do you own another xbox one at the moment? and have the ultimate gamepass download it there just in case and you can play early. if you only have the normal gamepas you can play on official release with or with the gears console.

Basically you pay $500 and possibly play a little later.

I know it sounds bad. But the people who can afford to get the console can afford $2 GPU

Solution All Day

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Game pass or game pass ultimate?

No I’m waiting for scarlet next year

I bought it on Amazon and it’s advertised to arrive on the 6th. Amazon has literally never got me something late, so I fully expect that’s when I’ll get it. I already have Game Pass Ultimate too, so luckily I don’t have to worry about missing out on playing when it goes live the day before :smiley:

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Amazon is the best, being a prime member is the best. It better arrive on the 6th…

They have only ever missed one delivery by a day for me and I’ve ordered hundreds / thousands of items over the past few years.

It should arrive on time.

I’ll be using them for the Elite Series 2.

But I agree,

If you want the game the minute it unlocks,

Get the Game Pass Ultimate offer. It’s a no brained and concerts all your gold anyway.

How much is game pass ultimate? I think I only have the regular one.

That would be 5 Dollars more than the regular game pass so 15 i believe.
you can check in your service and subscriptions on the Microsoft website

Have you done the gilded weapon skin set challenge? I need to do it asap. But idk how.

Unlock an achievement in every gears game.