Anyone getting headaches from Gears 5?

I remember an old thread during the tech test talking about flashbangs and eye strain and only just realised that after long playtime (with breaks) I’m getting bad headaches like I did in the tech test. Is it just me?


Eye strain definitely, played 4 hours last night and my left eye started to feel itchy. It’s 100% down to the constant spam of flashbangs as i have never had this problem with any other game


Anything with bright lights or anything on the television at all can cause headaches, they post warnings for a reason. You can also get motion sickness from games things just happen.

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Had it slight from grinding 10/10 wins for KOTH especially. It’s true there’s a lot of flash there.

you need sunglasses.

Blue filter glasses would help more than sunglasses.

Yes, I definitely get headaches with G5 more than other Gears and it’s definitely because of the flashbang effect. I played quite a bit last night and the night before, eye pain and headache after both. The only difference between games, the flashbang. I’ve dimmed the brightness on the settings too and it doesn’t help all that much. I would love a toggle just to get rid of the flash brightness. They can leave the warble, that doesn’t bother me, it’s just the initial flash that gets me every time.


Not yet. Kind of don’t want to touch PvP because of flash bangs. Not sure why but they get me more agitated then giving me headaches. Also flashbangs are one of the reason I stopped playing call of duty.

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Then they’d just be bangs. The flash of light is partly so you wander around not being able to see the enemy getting rid of that and letting you see even if you couldn’t act would be an advantage.

That’s why I said keep the screen warble and character effects. If you don’t have eye issues then of course it’s not a problem for you but others, like myself, aren’t so lucky. You can f*ck up the character without hurting the player. It has been done before.

OR, just get rid of the flashbangs all together, this isn’t COD, its Gears, they have no place in this game. I don’t even play Versus ffs but I already know the pain/annoyance these people share.

Going to accessibility then turning off pve camera shakes helps with like motion issues. Also bloom.

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oh, that’s why my left eye was hurting today!

yes, count me in then.

Yea. Haven’t played in awhile, got on today and the migraines are back. The flashbangs in horde are 10 times worse than the already blinding ones in vs.

Migranes ?! ?!

That is not normal. Go see doctor for CT scan of head.

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Any good “gaming” glasses will solve your problem.

They are in 150-250 US$ range. First brand to come in mind is Gunners but there are many more.

Funny you say this… until Gears 5 came out id managed to survive my 25 years on this planet having only 1 migraine (forking horrible things) now i’ve had 2 lovely Sunday migraines in two weeks and it just so happens that Sunday is my main day for getting game-time in.

I hadn’t linked the two together tbh as i’ve got a lot of other :poop: going on atm… lets hope this isnt the case.

Might also be because of FPS drops when its more than 3 players fighting you in PVP…

Its quite simple really, buy a decent gaming monitor with blue light technology, this reduces eye fatigue…No issues this end and i play like 4-5 hours sometimes.

If bluelight is your problem you can do it for free by turning on windows 10 night light filter or installing a 3rd party app like f.lux, however the problem described by OP has nothing to do with blue light, blue light keeps you awake, while things such as shaking, blur and constantly flashing cause eye strain.